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Collagen is an integral part of the body, particularly the skin. Thanks to collagen, skin has elasticity, stops wrinkles, is smooth and youthful over time. Adding collagen to skin beauty and health is picking out many people, so what kind of collagen is the best today?

It is not difficult to find collagen products on the market, but each product is taken out from an unique material so their content and use for the entire body is not the same, here The primary reason we need to know the information purchasing. Learn about people who have experience in using collagen as well as sharing from beauty care forums, now there are six types of skin beauty collagen is the best companies are widely believed:
1. Collagen Youtheory 390 Tablets Type 1, 2 & 3
Collagen Youtheory 390 Tablets Type 1, 2 & 3
Collagen Youtheory is recognized to be one of the leading collagen supplements today. Drinks are extracted from the extremely useful 90 % natural ingredients, you can take with you. Especially for girls that feel uncomfortable with the flavour when using water or powdered collagen, tablets are the quickest solution.
Youtheory is a combo of collagen types 1, 2 and 3 plus 18 amino acids that supplement the body's essential nutrients to enhance health, beauty and nails. Additionally, it helps the bone bones are strong.
The product is the choice of women around the world, especially in the US. Just six tablets a day, you get smooth, youthful pores and skin, improved health quickly.

Real River Shiseido Pure Light (50ml x 10oz)
Collagen Youtheory 390 Tablets Type 1, 2 & 3
Super Collagen - The Secret of Japanese Ladies
2. Neocell Collagen & C Pomegranate Liquid 18 Oz
Neocell Collagen & C Pomegranate Liquid of sixteen Oz
Neocell Collagen & C Pomegranate Liquid of sixteen Oz, also referred to as Pomegranate Collagen. If you have a difficult time finding out on the internet you will find that many women are also enjoying this type of collagen.
Advantages of Pomegranate: extracted completely from nature with pomegranate main ingredient, combined with open fire fruit, blueberries and green tea herb essence to enhance health, beauty skin, effective anti-aging. Especially, compared to collagen in tablets, water collagen is much easier to absorb into the body, promoting faster.
If the collagen is extracted from animals such as (pig skin, seafood... ) makes many people feel uncomfortable taste, pomegranate fruit collagen, mild perfume is very easy to enjoy. Just drink 15ml daily and you may see a great change:
- Restricted, smooth and elastic skin area.
- No dry epidermis, wrinkles are improved significantly.
- The hair is smoother, stronger, less decrease.
- Joint bone is stronger, more flexible.
3. Super Collagen Of Nippon
Super Collagen Of Nippon
For females who love beauty secrets of women in the country of dawn, you can not dismiss Super Collagen. This is a water-based collagen product extracted from natural materials, especially treasured materials such as cartilage and water skin to ensure total safety for the entire body.
The highlight of Super Collagen Japan is the collagen content is much more than conventional products. For every 100ml there are 24gr collagen, this is a great supplement to the body that we do not easily get.
The many advantages that Nice Collagen produces in you:
+ Improves elasticity, aiding damaged skin to recuperate more quickly.
+ Blot the wrinkles, make the epidermis firmer, more smooth stretch out.
+ Blot spots, freckles, prevent them from showing in its appearance.
Top Collagen also helps in the availability of bloodstream vessels, supports treatments of folks with weak veins, weakness, prevention of arteriosclerosis, boosting immunity, limiting cardiovascular disease. Boats, liver, lungs.
+ Collagen also helps bones strong joints, anti-osteoporosis, osteoporosis, reduces friction between the articulations to stop diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, compact disk herniation and some other bone and cartilage diseases.
+ Using Super Collagen daily also help to brighten the eyes, beauty hair, protect teeth, prevent embryonic stem cell alteration.
4. Collagen De Completely happy
Collagen De Completely happy
An additional collagen product from Nippon is Collagen De Completely happy.
Collagen De Happy is not only a great supplement to Collagen but the valuable gift idea for your health and family.
With improved formula, Collagen De Happy adds a high level of collagen to slow down the aging process, giving you a youthful skin, not only that, it also enhances vitamins and vitamins for the body. healthy.
Collagen De Happy is extracted mostly from the skin of deep-sea fish, ensuring absolute safety,

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