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HB Management Departments

At HB Management, we know it’s all about the people. That is why each member of our team has years of experience, an immense commitment to EXCELLENCE and LEADERSHIP, and a responsibility to improving company performance. Take a look into the different departments, and see what our expertise has come to offer.


Our service companies should expect Accounting to provide timely & accurate customer billing; timely & accurate payments supporting operations; exceed standards for timely & accurate personnel-related payments-when financial hardship prevention requests are received; timely & accurate financial statements to help in assessing the management of each customer account; prompt response to customer-focused special requests; reasonably prompt response to special requests that are not customer focused.



Our service companies should expect Payroll to provide regulatory compliance support; support timely & accurate employee pay; timely & accurate check stub delivery; timely & accurate financial data on your labor expenditures; fully functioning time clocks and Fonen (phone in) systems; near real-time alerts when your employees are late or don't show up for work; timely & accurate response to special requests.


Sales and Proposals

Kleen-Tech Services Corporation should expect Sales and Proposals to produce quality government and commercial leads and proposals to grow new business in your region, work the leads you produce in a timely and valuable manner, keep you apprised of the status of the leads you have provided, coordinate site visit/customer walkthrough attendance in a timely manner and provide relevant information regarding attendance, timely and accurate response to special requests and communicate effectively regarding proposals.


Human Resources

We mean it when we say our family of business is “all about the people.” Therefore, Human Resources has the responsibility for assembling the right blend of personalities and skill sets to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. If you are interested in learning more about employment at HB Management or one of our companies, please visit our career page.

Our service companies should expect Human Resources to provide timely recruiting support; timely and valuable HR-on-call support; timely & accurate new hire support; timely & accurate benefits; timely & valuable safety & worker's compensation support; timely & consistent resolution of employee issues; timely and accurate completion of e-separations; timely & valuable participation in leadership meetings; timely & valuable employee training support; timely & accurate response to special requests.


Information Technology

Our service companies should expect Information Technology to provide fully operational computers, cell phones, copiers, fax machines, scanners & printers; timely working of open quality assurance issues owned by the department & actions required of the department; timely & accurate resolution of reported IT issues; timely & accurate response to special requests.


Mission Control

Our service companies should expect Mission Control to be knowledgeable of your account/operation; to answer/transfer/not drop your & your customers' & employees' calls promptly & not be put on hold; timely & accurate transfer of information; timely & valuable conduct of the Daily Call; timely & accurate response to special requests.

These local dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Therefore our clients and employees have complete access to our resources at all times. Go ahead, give them a call 1-866-385-0672. Anytime, anywhere we are available to ensure your needs are taken care of.



Our service companies should expect Quality to provide a valuable quality assurance system; to be available on your request to assist you in working issues during weekly meetings; to keep your issues moving toward resolution through facilitating meaningful, robust & timely actions and preventative steps to ensure it doesn’t reoccur; to be the Enterprise's advocate for policy, process & procedure documentation, ease of availability/use; & ensure documentation is maintained current & relevant; timely & accurate response to special requests.


Corporate Communications

Our service companies should expect Corporate Communications to provide timely delivery of our monthly newsletter; timely delivery of valuable marketing materials; timely & valuable communication (BACs) on significant events in the Enterprise; robust & current website; timely & accurate response to special requests.


HB Management

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