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Options Home Care: Our Very Own Olympian


Client Cynthia Bonney participates in multiple Special Olympics activities including volleyball, basketball, swimming and bocce.

In light of the upcoming summer Olympic Games, we wanted to highlight one of our very own Olympians from Options Home Care’s Central New Mexico (CNM) location. Consumer Cynthia Bonney participates in multiple activities in the Special Olympics including volleyball, basketball, swimming and bocce. While she enjoys all of the sports she plays; she especially enjoys volleyball and basketball due to all of the new friends she has made. Together, her and her friends won the gold medal in the Sandia Prep volleyball game. This was a great accomplishment, but Cynthia loves participating whether she wins or not. As long as she gets to play, she doesn’t care what medal she receives. Cynthia faces a huge challenge every game she plays as she is the only one on her team that is deaf. She remains joyful that a majority of her team can communicate with her in sign language. Making new friends and getting out of the house motivates Cynthia to continue to play in the Special Olympics. She has many fans – but her biggest supporters are her mother and father, Isabel and George Bonney. Congratulations Cynthia on all of your accomplishments in the Special Olympics!

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